I am Lucy

I was (and still am) a complete bookworm, so if I was sitting up a tree (trying to get out of chores, usually), you could guarantee that there was a book with me in the branches. More about me.



I write picture books, middle grade fiction, YA and mythology
You can view more details about any of my books by clicking one below or view all of them here.

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  • beast-keeper-us-217×300
  • little-green-drum-197×300
  • captain-beastlie-243×300
  • beast-keeper-uk-211×300
  • bears-best-friend-300×300
  • hound-hades-us-217×300
  • one-smiling-sister-214×300
  • hound-hades-uk-209×300
  • neils-numberless-world-227×300
  • rosie-rabbit-playtime-288×300
  • rosie-rabbit-bedtime-288×300
  • one-hungry-baby-267×300
  • first-rhymes-213×300
  • down-in-the-daisies-290×300
  • beasts-in-jar-116×180
  • king-oceans-flute-300×300
  • hootcat-hill-196×300
  • one-eyed-giant-116×180
  • atticus-226×300
  • fire-breather-116×180
  • steeds-gods-202×300

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I love to share with friends on social media and blog here at lucycoats.com

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The UKYA Easter Egg Hunt

Welcome to the UKYA Easter Egg Hunt! One very lucky winner will win a HUGE grand prize of signed books by over thirty YA authors who write and live in the

Young Reader Love for Beasts of Olympus

I love getting reviews from young readers, and I was so happy to receive two recent ones about my Beasts of Olympus series – from a five year-old and a

The CLEO cover reveal!

I am SO excited to reveal the brand-new and shiny cover for CLEO, book one of my Young Cleopatra YA novel series. I absolutely love it, and think the Orchard

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